chest of drawers with 3 drawers, T150 noir, interiors T150 noir, light bronze metal structure, top with leather P36 med col.1, burnished brass handles

W160,5 x D50 x H80 cm

bedside table with 1 drawer, T150 noir, interiors T150 noir, light bronze metal structure

W49,5 x D45 x H45 cm

T32 natural
T34 wealth
T159 nocciola
T158 biscotto
T22 moka
T160 cioccolato
T46 tinta noce
T49 cenere
T50 grigio Londra
T41 grey
T152 sabbia
T42 brown
T44 land
T151 terra
T37 wengè
T150 noir
T161 dark
T47 ardesia sfumata
S12 bianco
S49 tortora
S23 giallo relax
S59 arancio bruciato
S58 rosso nepal
S62 verde oliva
S33 turquoise
S63 carta da zucchero
S27 blu cannes
S66 prugna versilia
S39 lavagna
S14 nero
C12 bianco
C154 bianco caldo
C49 tortora
C23 giallo relax
C59 arancio bruciato
C58 rosso nepal
C155 marsala
C62 verde oliva
C33 turquoise
C63 carta da zucchero
C27 blu cannes
C66 prugna versilia
C40 testa di moro
C14 nero
C81 grigio Jersey
C162 verde
C163 rosso corallo
C164 senape
C165 petrolio
M06 ottone brunito
M03 bronzo chiaro
M02 bronzo scuro
M01 rame
M07 titanio
M04 nero
P48 set col. 9018 bird cat. A
P49 set col. 9022 minerale cat. A
P50 set col. 9033 pepe cat. A
P51 set col. 9006 teak cat. A
P54 set col. 9011 cacao cat. A
P56 set col. 9020 tartufo cat. A
P57 set col. 9032 fondente cat. A
P24 rustik nabuk col. 31 creta cat. B
P23 rustik nabuk col. 600 sabbia cat. B
P22 rustik nabuk col. 630 cioccolato cat. B
P39 rustik nabuk col. 605 tortora cat. B
P21 rustik nabuk col. 655 crema cat. B
P32 rustik nabuk col. 660 ambra cat. B
P33 rustik nabuk col. 635 antracite cat. B
P70 lat col. 8030 honey cat. B
P71 lat col. 8010 cremino cat. B
P72 lat col. 8050 tundra cat. B
P73 lat col. 8060 vimini cat. B
P74 lat col. 8070 tronco cat. B
P75 lat col. 8080 cat. B
P76 soft col. 2306 cat. B
P77 soft col. 2302 cat. B
P78 soft col. 2300 cat. B
P20 nabuk col. seppia cat. D
P20S nabuk spighetta col. seppia cat. D
P20T nabuk traforato col. seppia cat. D
P38 nabuk col. 6 grey cat. D
P38P nabuk pois col. 6 grey cat. D
P30 nabuk col. 24 verde bosco cat. D
P46 nabuk col. blu oceano cat. D
P52 nabuk col. 8424 marsala cat. D
P61 nabuk col. 8406 caramello cat. D
P42 med col. 8 cat. D
P44 med col. 18 cat. D
P43 med col. 14 cat. D
P36 med col. 1 cat. D

The pictures are illustrative and there may be slight chromatic variations in the realization.