Creativity, research and attention to detail represent the guidelines and principles of design and construction for the realisation of each project. The original idea represented by a pencil sketch becomes a unique and top-quality product.

Aiming to balance function and shape, style and comfort, luxury and rigour, shake signs a contemporary concept of design that redefines and reinvents materials, techniques and outlines. A new aesthetics takes form, out of a timeless elegance that extends from tradition to innovation, as the result of the cross-research carried on among furniture design, art and fashion.


Handcrafted production of made in italy overcome the idea of standardised product ensuring a high level of customization.
The irreplaceable work of master craftsmen confers the authenticity of the unique handmade pieces.

Shake materials palette is designed to allow new combinations and create unique and surprising projects. A continuous research of finishings and materials, Shake has always been known in the design sector, both for its tradition and craftsmanship, and for the high quality of the materials.